Exclusive: Ex NYPD Detective Bo Dietl Calls on Hillary Clinton to ‘Condemn’ Black Lives Matter

Richard "Bo" Dietl, chairman and CEO of Beau Dietl & Associates, is interviewed in New York, Friday, July 31, 2009. He was a close friend of Guido Felix Brinkmann, an 89-year-old man found dead with his arms tied behind his back in his Manhattan apartment. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
AP Photo/Richard Drew

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, former NYPD detective Bo Dietl had scathing criticism for the Democratic candidate after her private meeting with top cops Thursday afternoon and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s new gig that has ties to the Clinton Foundation. 

As Breitbart has reported, the two hour long private meeting with Clinton and top cops comes at a time when her rival, GOP candidate Donald Trump’s message of law and order is resonating with the American people.

“In reality it is very nice, but my problem here is if Hillary Clinton is very serious, why doesn’t she condemn these radical Black Lives people that only want to cause disruption and discourse in our inner cities and using Black Lives Matter as an excuse to stir people up,” Dietl said. “Crime and murder is so high in our black neighborhoods and I don’t see race baiter Rev. Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson around demonstrating for more activities such as trade schools and high school after dark. Hillary is way off in this thing and when it comes time to election time, everyone promises the same old but it goes back to the same thing.”

Regarding Bratton’s departure as police commissioner and his new position as head of a new division in Teneo Holding, Dietl suggested Bratton’s attacks on Trump were discredited because of his new employer. 

“Bill Bratton is leaving and where do you think he is going to work — Teneo that is run by the Clinton Foundation,” Dietl said. “So he is taking a job with Bill and Hillary Clinton while he is talking against Trump, which is wrong. So where does that go?”

Dietl gave high praise for Trump’s speech on law and order Tuesday night in West Bend, WI. He believed the speech brought attention to real issues plaguing inner city communities, often run by Democratic politicians. Trump argued in the speech that Democrats like Clinton use Blacks only for votes but do not care enough to help their communities.

“Donald Trump the other night really spoke finally to the real problem that is there and he understands the real problem,” Dietl said. “We have to deal with the real problem in the inner cities that is there and what sets people off that burn buildings down.”

Dietl added, “It’s obvious Hillary Clinton saw Donald Trump speech resonated the other night regarding law and order and the problems with the inner cities so it was like hey I better pull something together fast.”

“We know in our progressive, Democratic cities such as Baltimore and Chicago for example, that is where we have a lot of our crime and a lot of our problems and no one is really dealing with the root of the problems.” Dietl said. “None of these Democrat so called people that want to handle the problem or help have ever addressed the problems until it gets so bad, then they give a wish list of what they want to do when it comes time to election time.”