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How Late Were L.A. School Closures? This Late

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) received notice of a terror bomb threat, which is now being deemed a hoax, on Monday night. Yet it took until 7:09 a.m. the next morning for the district to begin notifying parents that the school would be closed on Tuesday.

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Bill de Blasio’s Post-Eric Garner NYPD Training Is Expensive ‘Waste of Time’

A high-ranking New York Police Department official tells the New York Post that an expensive training program introduced by Mayor Bill de Blasio after the Eric Garner controversy has been “a big disappointment on the backs of the city because they’re paying for this course” to the tune of $35 million dollars for what many believe is a “waste of time.”

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NY City Sees First Murder in 12 Days

NYPD officials’ celebration of their city going twelve days without a murder had their celebration cut short on Friday, when Eric Roman, 28, was shot in the head, leg, and hand in Queens, dying on Saturday in Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

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Bill Bratton Confirms Work Slowdown, Suggests Racism Is Not Just Police Issue

While suggesting that police were unfairly targeted as a problem in the broader discussion of race in America, “New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton confirmed there had been a work slowdown by officers in the weeks since two police officers were shot dead” but also defended his department.


NYPD Cops Turn Backs to Bill de Blasio at Wenjian Liu Funeral

NYPD and other law enforcement officers, both active and retired, who attended NYPD Detective’s Wenjian Liu’s funeral on Sunday in Brooklyn turned their backs when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered his remarks.

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Bill Bratton’s Water Carrying for Bill de Blasio Backfires

One would think a seasoned operator like New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton would know better than to risk carrying water for New York’s uber-liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio for New York Magazine. But that appears to be just what he did here recently, and some of his words will very likely come back to haunt him.

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Obama Offers NYPD Commish ‘Full Support,’ Skips Call to Bill de Blasio

From his vacation get away in Hawaii, President Obama made a phone call to New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton to offer his “full support” after the weekend shooting of two New York City officers. The President then went off to play golf, failing to make a similar call to embattled New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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