Clinton Ally Terry McAuliffe Mailing Voter Registration Cards Directly to Thousands of ‘Invalidly Registered’ Felons

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is not only defying the Virginia Supreme Court’s order to remove 13,000 “invalidly registered” felons — including violent criminals, from voter rolls — he’s mailing voter registration cards directly to them.

In an announcement outlining his plan to grant as many as 206,000 Virginia felons voting rights, McAuliffe said his office is mailing voter registration cards directly to felons the Virginia Supreme Court ordered banned from voting, along with individual registration orders printed with a signature from the governor. The governor’s website does not mention the direct mailing of voter cards in its outline explaining how he plans to proceed with his plan to restore felon voting rights.

The move is a transparent bid to boost Democratic turnout in an important swing state. Seven out of ten convicts register as Democrats, according to a 2014 jail survey. Mass immigration from the Third World and non-Western nations has also dramatically transformed Virginia in only a decade, turning it from a once-red state into the next possible Democratic stronghold, similar to California. McAuliffe running the governor’s office as a voter registration drive for Democratic voters could possibly help tip the scales in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

It also has other disruptive, long-standing consequences: Hundreds of thousands of felons will be free to serve on juries, run for office, and work as notaries. There are no exceptions when it comes to violent and destructive criminals. Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child abusers, drug traffickers, burglars, those convicted of aggravated assault — none of them are excluded from McAuliffe’s order if they are no longer in prison and on parole. The Democratic governor’s office has also “mistakenly” given voting rights to high-profile child sex abusers and murderers in its rush to direct enormous numbers of convicted criminals into the voting booth.


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