Exposed: The Truth Behind the EPA’s Evil Experiments on Human Guinea Pigs

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Associated Press

Imagine if a government agency had been conducting experiments on human guinea pigs using poisons it knew to be fatal at even the most minuscule levels.

It would be an international scandal, right? At least as bad as all those servicemen exposed to radiation during the atom bomb tests of the 1950s; and quite possibly heading for Dr. Mengele territory.

Yet today America’s most prestigious scientific institution – the National Academy of Sciences – will be examining just such a case of appalling, potentially criminal behaviour by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The case against the EPA is set out here by Steve Milloy, the blogger and senior legal fellow at the Energy & Environment Legal Institute, who has been pursuing this story for four years:

In short, the EPA intentionally exposed hundreds of humans in a gas chamber to exceedingly high levels of air pollutants like diesel exhaust, soot and smog in hopes of causing serious health effects that the agency could point to as justification for its costly and stringent outdoor air quality standards. Study subjects included the elderly (up to age 80), asthmatics, diabetics and people with heart disease — the very people EPA claims are most susceptible to air pollution. EPA failed to tell these study subjects it believed the experiments could cause death.

The experiments were fundamentally unethical and illegal as federal law prohibits treating humans as guinea pigs, especially for the mere purpose of advancing an agency’s regulatory agenda. Extra illegality was added by the agency’s failure to inform its human guinea pigs that it believed the experiments could kill them.

There can be no reasonable doubt that the EPA is guilty as charged. It admitted as much in a March 2014 official report, which confirmed Milloy’s allegations, including his charge that the EPA had failed to inform the study subjects that the EPA believed the experiments might kill them.

So why haven’t the perpetrators been brought to justice?

Largely because of an establishment cover up which Milloy and the E & E Legal Institute are now seeking to expose. The EPA had co-opted the National Academy of Sciences into writing a report whitewashing their malfeasance. But then Milloy got to hear about this and, realising that the NAS wasn’t going to be given the full story, insisted on giving testimony himself. You can watch the session now via live webinar from 1pm ET today by following this link.

At the heart of this scandal is the ‘fine particle’ pollution which the Environmental Protection Agency is seeking to regulate out of existence with some of the costliest eco-legislation in U.S. history. Already, the U.S. has some of the world’s most stringent Clean Air regulations, to which some industries find it very difficult and expensive to adhere. But the EPA’s proposed new ozone regulations could be a total business killer.

According to the American Petroleum Institute:

Tightening ozone standards could increase costs to the American public, reduce America’s ability to compete internationally, and threaten American jobs. The recent study by NERA Economic Consulting found that a stricter ozone regulation could reduce U.S. GDP by $270 billion per year and $3.4 trillion from 2017 to 2040 and result in 2.9 million fewer jobs or job equivalents per year on average through 2040.

The nation’s air quality has improved over the past several years, and ozone emissions will continue to decline without new regulations. These new standards are not justified from a health perspective because the science is simply not showing a need to reduce ozone levels.

Obviously if America’s air pollution problems were really as serious as the EPA claims none of this would matter. That’s because, if you believe what the EPA and its mouthpieces have been telling Congress, air particle pollution is quite literally the most deadly substance on the planet.

Here, for example, is what an EPA administrator told the House Energy and Commerce Committee in September 2011:

Particulate matter causes premature death. It doesn’t make you sick. It’s directly causal to dying sooner than you should.

The administrator went on to (an inevitably all-ears) Rep. Markey:

If we could reduce particulate matter to levels that are healthy we would have an identical impact to finding a cure for cancer.

This is almost certainly a flat out lie. Indeed the whole idea that “fine particle” pollution represents a problem worth addressing is most likely the result of corrupt junk-science produced for no better reason than that the activists at the EPA paid tame scientists huge sums of money to produce the doomsday message they wanted to hear.

Of the 26 members appointed to the EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee Particulate Matter Review Panel, 24 received direct or indirect grants from the EPA totaling more than $190 million claims the institute’s lawyer.

To repeat, there is no credible evidence to suggest that ‘fine particle’ pollution is a health risk worth spending a cent on, let alone one which justifies crippling U.S. industry and costing the economy $3.5 trillion by 2040.

And this is the real point of Milloy’s pursuing the story about the EPA subjecting human guinea pigs to potentially fatal doses of particle-filled air.

What it illustrates is the utter mendacity we encounter so often among leading proponents of the environmental movement. If the EPA really believed that fine particle pollution is deadly even at small doses, it would never have subjected human guinea pigs – especially not young, elderly and asthmatic ones – to such a dangerous substance.

Yet it did. Which shows, beyond all reasonable doubt, that it has been lying to the government; that it knows that it has been lying; and that its proposed ozone regulation is a despicable, political-activism-driven scam.


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