Report Trashes Plastic Recycling’s Environmental Benefits as a ‘Myth’

Plastic pollution has long been the favoured cause of climate activists, with demands for consumers to recycle their plastic trash “for the good of the planet” while using less. A report released Monday now claims the promise of creating an efficient, circular economy through recycling is “fiction” with households producing more negative impacts on the environment – not less.

ATTENTION: EMBARGOED FOR PUBLICATION UNTIL 13 JUNE 19:00 GMT! SPERRFRIST 13.06. 19:00 - 13 June 2022, North Rhine-Westphalia, Marl: After delivery, waste mainly from the so-called "yellow bags" is transported by a wheel loader to the sorting facility for light packaging of the new environmental services company Interzero. In the …

Pollution Lockdown: India Shutters Coal-Fired Plants

Indian officials on Wednesday announced six of the eleven coal-fired power plants around New Delhi have been shut down in a bid to reduce air pollution, which has grown so oppressive that schools are closed, construction work has been banned, and a full lockdown of the city is under consideration.

Smoke rises from a coal-powered steel plant at Hehal village near Ranchi, in eastern state of Jharkhand, Sunday, Sept. 26, 2021. No country will see energy needs grow faster in coming decades than India, and even under the most optimistic projections part of that demand will have to be met …

Top Polluter China Skipping Climate Change-Focused G20 in Rome

The leaders of Russia and China aren’t coming. Turkey nearly set off a diplomatic incident on the eve of the meeting. And the United States, Australia and France will be at the same table for the first time since Washington pulled the rug out from under Paris’ $66 billion submarine deal Down Under.