Sessions on Campaign Trail in FL: ‘Something Big Is Happening’ — ‘People Are Taking Their Country Back’


TAMPA – Wednesday at the Florida State Fairgrounds, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) joined GOP nominee Donald Trump on the campaign trail to tout why Trump was the best presidential choice for Americans.

During his five-minute introduction of Trump, Sessions declared Trump would implement immigration and economic policies that would best suit America’s national interest.

“Thank you for being part of a movement that’s going to put America on the right track again,” Sessions said to the Tampa crowd. “You know the American people are right. They are right consistently if you just listen to them. They want a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interest. What’s wrong with that? We’ve had politicians promise for 30 years they are going to fix this system and have never done it. And Donald Trump will build a wall and fix it.”

There is another issue and that’s jobs and wages,” he added. “If you bring in more workers than we have jobs for, don’t we reduce wages and make Americans unemployed? That’s one of the things that’s why wages have declined significantly. Also bad trade deals that close high-paying manufacturing facilities. Doesn’t that eliminate good jobs and result in lower wages for the average American out there today? It absolutely does and Donald Trump understands both of those. He stood up for you. He stood up for America against the establishment to advocate for reform in both of those areas.

The junior Alabama senator argued Trump’s opponent Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton lacked the will, the strength, the determination and the knowledge to “change” the country and get it back on the proper track.

“We need a strong person with clear values who will stand and fight for us and Donald Trump that person in my opinion. Now friends, that’s kind of how i came to decide early on to support Donald Trump and I believe what I have seen of him in the last few days as we have traveled together and seen cold start moving significantly in his direction.”

Remarking on the size of the crowds Sessions said he has seen before Trump in the past few days on campaign stops, Sessions declared “something big” was happening and that the people were “taking their country back.”

“The big crowds that are occurring, like this one are happening all over the country,” he said. “Don’t tell me something isn’t something big is happening. The people are taking their country back.”

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