North Carolina Victim of Child Molestation Slams State Democrats for Pushing Transgender Ideology

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North Carolina’s Republican Governor Pat McCrory has launched a new 2016 campaign advertisement that hits the Democratic candidate’s transgender-boosting plan to deny bathroom and locker-room sexual privacy to all the state’s students.

The ad, titled, “The Truth About Roy Cooper,” shows Greensboro resident Gina Little slamming the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Roy Cooper, and President Barack Obama, who are pushing for government enforcement of the transgender ideology, which requires men and women — as well as children — to share public bathrooms and locker rooms with people of the opposite sex.

“At nine, I was molested by a teenager,” Little begins. She adds:

When I found out that President Obama and Roy Cooper want to force school children to share the same locker room, shower, and restroom with someone who claims to be the opposite sex, I was horrified. Governor McCrory knows this is not about discrimination, money, or politics. He’s standing up for us under extreme pressure and doing what’s right. Our governor is on our side.

Little has told her story in the past and has mentioned that the teenager who molested her was a family member.

Little’s testimony for McCrory reflects voters’ concerns about the risks created by the pro-transgender policy that is being pushed by Obama and by Cooper and his out-of-state donors.

A poll from April shows that a huge majority of North Carolina voters support the civic practices that reserve bathrooms and locker rooms for members of either the male or female sex. The Civitas poll showed overwhelming support for McCrory’s position of keeping transgender men out of women’s rooms until they undergo sex-change surgery by a 61 percent to 29 percent margin.

That poll also showed 10 to 1 opposition to the loss of sexual privacy in schools. The poll asked, “Do you agree or disagree with a Virginia federal court ruling ordering girls and boys in public middle schools to share locker room, bathroom and shower facilities?” Only 7 percent strongly agreed — and 72 percent strongly disagreed.

Pollsters say the election is a close affair and McCrory faces powerful forces from outside the state. Previous to the transgender debate, a far left, Washington D.C.-based gay activist group named Human Rights Campaign brought its deep pockets to bear on the Charlotte city council race and bankrolled several far-left candidates. After those candidates won, they began to agitate for the transgender bathroom agenda, which in turn began the state-wide discussion.

Contrary to the story many have tried to promulgate, it was out-of-state, left-wing forces that invented the bathroom debate out of whole cloth. It was not caused by conservatives to “discriminate” against gays and transgenders, as Democrats claim.

Indeed, these deep pocketed, out-of-state forces are continuing to agitate the state, and have been the chief source of funding for the Democrat candidate facing Gov. McCrory in this election.

Due to an influx of outside money, thus far, Cooper has out-raised McCrory by about $4 million. According to a July report in The Charlotte Observer, Cooper has brought in $12.7 million — much of it outside money — to McCrory’s $8.7 million.

Additionally, according to a report by the Center for Public Integrity, Cooper has been getting so much help from outside groups spending money on television ads that his campaign had not had to spend a penny on TV ads at least up to July. According to the group, by July, outside interests had spent $2.6 million on ads attacking the Republican incumbent, freeing the Cooper campaign to save its money for another leg of the campaign.

Also, the Democrats’ business allies have loudly denounced McCrory’s support for sexual privacy, and have imposed economic sanctions on the state — such as the denial of a major basketball game — to boost Cooper’s chances in November.

The bathroom dispute is only the tip of the iceberg in the fight about the transgender ideology, which insists that the government should force all Americans to accept and endorse each person’s claim about their sex, no matter biology, logic, or civic rules. This demand for acceptance of the transgender ideology is far more aggressive than a request for good manners, such as asking the public to politely ignore transgender people who are quietly using a public bathroom or asking people to refer to transgender people by the names they choose. Instead, Obama’s sharp-edged enforcement of the transgender ideology would force police to gradually ignore, blur, stigmatize, and then bar any Americans from recognizing the valuable and diverse differences between the two sexes, male and female.

Transgender groups, and their gay political allies, say their gender-fluid approach is needed because society unfairly recognizes the importance of male and female biological and social differences. The civic recognition of those differences is derided as the “gender binary” by opponents.

Only about 0.03 percent of Americans are transgender, according to a study of the 2010 census. That is roughly 1 in every 2,400 American adults.

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