Reminder: MSM Denied and Attacked Breitbart Exposure of Weiner Scandal


With Monday’s news that Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin is – finally – leaving her husband Anthony Weiner after his most recent sexting scandal hit the New York Post Sunday night, it is worth remembering it was Andrew Breitbart and Breitbart News that broke the original scandal. If the mainstream media had had its way, the Weiner scandal would be just another so-called “right-wing conspiracy theory.”

This history is especially worth remembering at a time when both Hillary Clinton herself and the media elites have spent the past couple of weeks attacking Breitbart News and its former executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, who has taken a leave of absence to head up Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

With the Anthony Weiner story, Breitbart’s willingness to take on stories that the establishment media wouldn’t touch hit especially close to home for Bill and Hillary Clinton. There is no one closer to Hillary then her longtime aide Huma Abedin, and Anthony Weiner was also close to the Clinton family.

This tight relationship between the Clintons and Weiners was strained by Breitbart’s reporting, when Anthony Weiner was caught accidentally sending a photo of himself to a college student on Twitter. Andrew Breitbart and the team at Breitbart News watched as photos were deleted from Weiner’s private photo stash and waited until he began making claims until reporting the story.

At that point, the mainstream media began attacking Breitbart News and buying into every claim made by Anthony Weiner, no matter how bizarre. If you want to see a prime example of bad journalism that should discredit a news organization forever, just take a look at Luke Russert’s interview with Anthony Weiner:

Given the truth we know now, it’s truly cringeworthy and yet, it’s NBC and so they were given a pass. This should have been a “delete your news organization” moment and not just for NBC, but for the entire mainstream media. MSNBC, CNN and others all disgraced themselves with their coverage while Breitbart took the arrows for actually getting the story right.

Why the media bias? The simple answer is ideology. It’s not just that Anthony Weiner was an outspoken advocate for progressive causes but it’s that the entire scandal and its proximity to the Clintons couldn’t help but raise memories of Bill Clinton’s own sexual dalliances.

As has been made clear this year over and over again, the media is in the tank for Hillary Clinton and stories that hurt her chances to get elected gets spiked.

This latest scandal, where things have tipped to the point where Huma Abedin can simply not credibly maintain her relationship with her husband will doubtlessly be spun by the media in order to garner sympathy for Abedin. Gaining sympathy for Huma was also the goal of the feature film about the Anthony Weiner sex scandal that broke during his mayoral run; a film that this reporter and Breitbart News reported back in January was funded by Clinton backer billionaire George Soros.

While Huma Abedin may warrant personal sympathy for the plight of her marriage, such sympathy is not warranted for the other reasons that Ms. Abedin has been in the news lately, including the recent New York Post article about the long reported connection between Abedin and a radical Saudi Arabia-financed journal, her connection to the Clinton private email server scandal, to her mishandling of classified information and blistering attacks on her by the likes of political operative Rogers Stone that raised questions about Huma Abedin’s background that – once again – the mainstream media simply refuses to even ask.

Smart media consumers need to be aware of who is lying to them and burying stories. Organizations that get the facts right should not have to apologize for their coverage. It’s the mainstream, ideologically driven media that the American people need to hold accountable.


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