Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump’s Campaign a Reality Show ’Beyond One’s Imagination’

Hillary Rolls Eyes Twitter:@charliespiering

After a long week of criticizing Donald Trump, an exasperated Hillary Clinton attacked Trump for appearing on Russian funded television.

Clinton made her remarks after a carefully staged bi-partisan national security summit while taking questions from the press.

Clinton began walking away after concluding the press conference, but pivoted and returned to the podium after one reporter asked her to react to Trump’s interview.

Reporters burst into laughter in response to the look of disbelief on Clinton’s face.

“You know, every day that goes by this just becomes more and more of a reality television show, it’s not a serious presidential campaign, and it is beyond one’s imagination to have a candidate for president praising a Russian autocrat like Validmir Putin,” she said, after shaking her head in disbelief.

Trump participated in an interview Thursday with former CNN host Larry King who now has a show on Russia Today.

“We are living in challenging times,” she said, “No one who wants to assume the responsibility of becoming president and commander in chief should be making the kind of reckless and dangerous statements and identifying with a regime that has some aggressive tendencies.”

“Can I say I was surprised?” she asked. “I’m not sure anything surprises us anymore, but I was certainly disappointed.”


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