Joe Biden: Hillary Clinton Should ‘Take Six Days Off’ the Campaign Trail

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Vice President Joe Biden advised Hillary Clinton to take some time off, after being diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and publicly collapsing in New York City on Sunday.

“I’m encouraging her — if the doctor says take three days off, take six days off,” he said. “Take the time.”

Biden made his comment during a visit to Charlotte, North Carolina as he brought them a big box of donuts and delivered remarks for about 20 minutes, according to the White House pool.

The Vice President, who once considered challenging Clinton for the nomination, defended the Democratic presidential nominee’s condition.

“She’s been transparent about her health, so we’re in good shape,” he said. “Hillary’s health is good.”

He downplayed reports that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia, revealing that he once had it and survived.

“I’ve had pneumonia. I don’t know about any of you. I’ve had walking pneumonia,” he said. “What you do, you take antibiotics and you rest a little bit.”

Biden admitted that Republicans had “very successfully” raised doubts about Clinton’s health and stamina, and he defended her after she called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables.”

He reminded Clinton supporters that she walked back the statement and suggested that she was being held to a different standard than Trump.

“I’ve know Hillary a long, long, long time. She gets a bum rap,” Biden said.


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