Bill Clinton: Hillary May Be ‘In Better Health’ Than Donald Trump

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton on September 6, 2016 in Durham, North Carolina.
Sara D. Davis/Getty

Former President Bill Clinton is being defensive about his wife’s health.

CBS anchor Charlie Rose pressed him repeatedly with questions about Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health condition. She’d collapsed in New York City on Sunday after ducking out of the 9/11 memorial ceremony. “It’s almost certain she’s in better health than her opponent,” Bill Clinton said. “But we don’t know, because he hasn’t disclosed.”

Clinton appeared frustrated after Rose repeatedly asked him why the campaign didn’t release more health records to reassure American voters.

“The campaign said they were gonna release some more medical information. I don’t know what it is,” Clinton said. When asked by Rose why it wasn’t released immediately, he said he didn’t know.

“If a Martian came down from outer space and watched America unfold over the last six to eight weeks — it’d be hard to see all these earnest pleas for disclosure, which are entirely one-sided,” Clinton said.

He said that Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns was a more important issue, but suggested that the media wasn’t holding the Republican to the same standard.

“It’s nowhere near the same kinda story,” he said.

Rose also questioned Bill Clinton’s health, pointing out that the former president had lost weight.

“I just had a physical not very long ago and I passed with flying colors,” bragged Clinton, calling himself the “oldest man in my family for three generations.”

“My great-grandfather lived to be 76 and I have lots of, you know, medical advantages over him, the state of health care and treatments,” Clinton said. “So I feel great. Every day I feel great. I just get up and hit it.”


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