Daily Mail: First Clinton Health Cover-Up: Hillary Kept 1998 Blood Clot Secret

US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary at their arrival in Geneva for the ceremony of the 50th. anniversary of the GATT agreement, held in the Palais des Nations on Monday, 18 th of May 1998. (AP PHOTO/MARTIAL TREZZINI)

From the Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton allowed her staff to mistakenly think that she had a pulled muscle rather than tell them she had a blood clot in 1998.

The Democratic Presidential candidate, who was First Lady at the time, did not correct White House staffers when they assumed the problem with her right leg was due to over exercising.

According to Clinton’s doctor at the time, Connie Mariano, ‘very few’ people knew the truth and her boss refused to take time of the campaign trail for her husband’s re-election.

Instead a nurse came with her to check on her condition and administer drugs if needed but nobody outside of her Secret Service detail was told who she was.

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