She Did It: Healthy Hillary Delivers a Speech Without Coughing

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton pauses while speaking during a rally at University of North Carolina at Greensboro September 15, 2016 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Hillary Clinton returned Thursday to the campaign fray in a tightening race against Republican Donald Trump, who released new details of his physical fitness in …

Democratic presidential candidate reappeared on the campaign trail and delivered a speech after taking three days off following her collapse in New York City.

“As you may know, I recently had a cough that turned out to be pneumonia,” she said, referring her coughing and choking speech which she fought through on Labor Day. (At the time, her campaign blamed allergies for her struggles.)

Clinton admitted although she tried to “power through” her illness, she decided that three days of rest would be good for her. She admitted that being at home was probably the “last place I wanted to be” but that she appreciated the chance to think about her campaign, spending time with her dogs and talking with friends.

“It turns out having a few days to myself was actually a gift,” she said.

Clinton spoke clearly for about 25 minutes without coughing or losing her voice, during a rally in North Carolina on Thursday, reassuring voters that she was determined to win the election.

But she admitted that she would never be as flashy or entertaining as her opponent Donald Trump.

“Now I confess, I will never be the showman that my opponent is,” she said, ridiculing his appearance on the Dr. Oz show.

Clinton also signaled her vulnerabilities, pointing out that she struggled in the public spotlight.

“When it comes to public service, I am better at the service part than the public part,” she said.

To bolster the notion that she was healthy again, Clinton exited the stage to the James Brown song “I Feel Good.”


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