John-Kerry-Speech-Israel (Andrew Harnik / Associated Press)

CNN: Kerry’s Speech on Israel ‘Missed the Mark’

CNN’s correspondent in Israel, Oren Liebermann, reported Wednesday that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech at the State Department had “missed the mark” if Kerry’s intent had been to reach Israeli viewers and convince them that lame duck President Barack Obama was serious about peace.

President Barack Obama addresses the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters, September 20, 2016 in New York City.

At United Nations, Globalist Obama Condemns ‘Crude Populism’ Sweeping the Planet

Barack Obama says globalization will continue growing rapidly, signaling the unstoppable march of progress. But he warned that nations who allow the wealthy to enjoy the benefits of globalism face challenges from their populace. Those people, he noted, were falling prey to an “alternative” narrative, propagated to fuel opposition.

Hillary American Legion Andrew HarnickAP

Hillary Clinton 37 Minutes Late for American Legion Speech

Hillary Clinton arrived 37 minutes late for her speech to the American Legion conference in Cincinnati today, after rocking the night away at a fundraiser with Jimmy Buffett, Paul McCartney, and Jon Bon Jovi in the Hamptons in New York.

Trump thumbs up after Cruz speech (Dominick Reuter / AFP / Getty)

Donald Trump Gave Ted Cruz the Rope to Hang Himself

After Ted Cruz’s stunning refusal to back Donald Trump in his address to the Republican National Convention on Wednesday evening, Trump emerged from the wings, smiling and applauding as he waved to the crowd. Later, he tweeted that he had seen the speech beforehand, and let Cruz deliver it anyway.

Donald Trump attack speech (Kena Betancur / AFP / Getty)

Trump Speech Hits the Mark: Last Chance to Change Washington

Donald Trump’s speech Wednesday morning did more than attack rival Hillary Clinton over her corruption and her foreign policy record. It also laid out a clear choice for voters between the status quo in Washington, and a unique chance for change.


Czech Politician: West Will Have To ‘Crush’ Islam

Islam is a “criminal” ideology which deserves to be ranked with “Nazism, fascism and communism”, is “incompatible with the principles of European law” and, like its totalitarian predecessors, must inevitably be defeated. So argues Czech lawyer, activist and politician Klára Samková in

Congress Stands for Obama WH.Gov

Watch: Members of Congress Give Obama Standing Ovation After Challenging Trump

Members of Congress quickly gave President Obama a standing ovation after he denounced bigotry in the United States, specifically citing freedom of religion–an obvious challenge to presidential candidate Donald Trump after he proposed a conditional ban on Muslims entering the United States.


Dick Durbin’s Case for Iran Deal Puts Party Loyalty First

On Tuesday, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) delivered a strident speech on the Senate floor supporting the Iran nuclear deal. The speech is very important, for three reasons. First, Durbin is one of the Senate’s most powerful Democrats. Second, Durbin owes

Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP

Hillary Clinton: ‘We Really Need Camps for Adults’

The likely 2016 presidential candidate who believes it takes a village to raise a child is now proposing “camps for adults.” Hillary Clinton is worried about America’s “fun deficit,” not our deficit-deficit, and told group gathered for a speech that “We really need camps for adults.”


On Eve of Speech, Obama Smears Netanyahu

President Barack Obama took a stab at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with Reuters on Monday, on the eve of Netanyahu’s controversial speech to a special joint session of Congress on Tuesday morning. Obama said that Netanyahu “made all sorts of claims” about the interim nuclear deal with Iran that turned out to be untrue. Yet Obama mischaracterized Netanyahu’s remarks, and misrepresented Iranian compliance with the terms of the interim deal.

LA Times AP

L.A. Times Says Congress Should Hear Out Netanyahu 

In a surprising editorial, the Los Angeles Times, usually in lockstep with Obama Administration policy, writes that whatever the circumstances were that preceded Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress Tuesday, members of Congress should not boycott the speech, but listen to what Netanyahu has to say.