Tim Kaine Calls for ‘Calm and Peaceful Spirit’ in Charlotte

Tim Kaine Thumb Getty

Vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine broke the silence in the Hillary Clinton campaign after a second night of rioting in Charlotte by calling for a “calm and peaceful spirit” in the city.

He opened up a rally in Reno, Nevada on Thursday reminding the crowd of supporters that there were “challenges” in communities like Charlotte, citing the “gulfs and gaps” between law enforcement and communities around the country.

Kaine said that he and Hillary Clinton joined the family of the victim of the police shooting Keith Lamont Scott calling for calm in Charlotte.

“These issues have to be raised, we’ve got to talk about them, we got to put them on the table, they’re not easy,” Kaine said. “We can do that with a calm and peaceful spirit and we call for that.”

He called for more government spending on polic training, community policing, and creating opportunities for dialogue and respect.