WATCH: Charlotte Rioters Loot a Store, Destroy a Cash Register, Steal Shoes

Looting in Charlotte AP

Videos from the riots Wednesday night in Charlotte show protesters looting a souvenir store, destroying a cash register, and stealing shoes out of a car.

The first video shows protesters loot a souvenir store in Charlotte.

“Why? What does this prove? It just makes you look like a bunch of rowdy-ass field n*****s!” a woman screams in the background as the scene devolves into absolute chaos.

After the protesters looted the store, they stole a cash register, ripped it to shreds, and ran off with the money.

Later, a protester breaks into a van while holding his cigarette to steal a pair of shoes.

One person was shot and severely injured by another citizen during Wednesday night’s riots.

The riots come after the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by Charlotte police.  Scott, who is black, was allegedly armed when he was shot by a black police officer Tuesday night.


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