Charlotte Police Release Videos from Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott

AP Photo

From KTAR News:

Following Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney’s announcement Saturday that they would release a video from a body camera and a dashcam video, the police department did just that.

Charlotte police officers shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday, but no videos had been released from authorities.

The family of the North Carolina 43-year-old black man who was killed released their own video of the incident on Friday.

The videos (WARNING: VIDEOS CONTAIN DISTURBING IMAGES) show different things, as the dashcam video shows officers shooting Scott, while the bodycam video doesn’t show much of the shooting itself, but shows officers trying to handcuff Scott when he is on the ground. Scott can be heard groaning in pain while they try to handcuff him.

Putney said at his press conference that the videos and other evidence they were releasing would corroborate their account of how things unfolded, including that Scott was holding a gun when he was shot. He added that he decided to release the footage after receiving assurances from the State Bureau of Investigation that it would not impact their independent probe of the shooting.

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