Trump Child Care TV Spot: $5,000 Tax Deduction for Average Family

Trump Childcare Ad

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign released a new television ad that highlight’s his plan to help relieve the burden of child care costs on American families.

The ad entitled “Listening” focuses on a Philadelphia mother named Monica C. who expresses her love for being a mom, but cites the challenges that come with child care costs. “… no matter how hard we work, we can’t get ahead,” she says. “Childcare costs have us stuck. Donald Trump is listening.”

A clip of Trump’s speech describing the plan plays with his words, “My childcare plan allows for every family in America to deduct their childcare expenses from their income taxes.”

A written message appears during the ad, which reads, “$5,000 tax deduction for the average family.”

“His childcare plan makes a difference for working families,” Monica says. “More money, more freedom. He’s helping Americans just like us.”

Trump Deputy Communications Director Jessica Ditto said about the release of the new ad:

Mr. Trump is listening to the hard-working families who are struggling to pay for quality childcare, and that’s why Mr. Trump’s groundbreaking childcare affordability plan will provide immediate financial relief to parents and families. On November 8th, the American people have a choice for President in Donald J. Trump that will result in common sense solutions to Make America Great Again, and an improvement over the empty rhetoric of Hillary Clinton and the failed Democratic policies of the past 30 years.

Trump unveiled his child care plan in mid-September. The plan was formulated with daughter Ivanka Trump. “This is not a woman issue, it’s a family issue. It’s an American issue,” she remarked at the unveiling. He accused Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of not having a child care plan. “All talk, no action,” he said.

Clinton hit back tweeting her “Early Childhood Education” plan, which includes a path to improved childcare.

In late September an ad featuring Ivanka Trump was released. The ad entitled, “Motherhood,” focused on the childcare affordability plan she helped her father form.

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