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Trump Unveils Child Care Reforms: ‘My Opponent Has No Child Care Plan’

Donald Trump unveiled his child care plan in Pennsylvania on Tuesday night alongside his daughter Ivanka, who helped conceptualize the policy proposal. “This is a reform of critical value and long overdue,” Ivanka stated as she introduced her father. “My father understands the needs of a modern workforce.”

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Krauthammer: Trump Child Care Plan Is To ‘Out-Democrats The Democrats’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer reacted to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s child care proposal by saying, “What he is proposing is to out-Democrats the Democrats.” And “how many Democratic Parties does


Helicopter Parenting is Mandatory Now

The Houston Chronicle notes that “Texas law doesn’t say how old is old enough for kids to be left alone,” but unnamed “authorities” warn that “inadequate supervision puts children at risk.” Yes, and inadequate common sense puts innocent people at risk. I guess you could say the Nanny State is practicing what it preaches, as it frets about leaving its child-citizens inadequately supervised. No wonder helicopter parenting is mandated.

Jameson Young, 4, left, plays with a smart phone as his brother Nolan, 3, looks on at their home, in Boston, Monday, Jan. 27, 2014. Child development experts say it’s natural for toddlers to be fascinated with their own image, and that interest plays an important developmental role as they …

Shock: Vaccination Rate as low as 51% in L.A.-Area Day Cares

A Los Angeles Times report released early Wednesday morning reports that many child care facilities in Los Angeles have alarmingly low vaccination rates–some reportedly as low as 51%. The report indicates that private schools have lower vaccination rates than public schools, as wealthier parents opt out of inoculation for communicable diseases like measles.