Exclusive–Breitbart/Gravis Poll: Clinton Leads Trump by 8 in Oregon

Oregon Voters with Sanders APROY WAYRYNEN

Oregon voters support Democratic nominee for president Hillary R. Clinton over her GOP rival Donald J. Trump, 47 percent to his 39 percent, according to the Oct. 4 Breitbart/Gravis poll of 1,248 registered voters.

“Oregon is a solidly Democratic state, but it has also been the site of political turmoil and unrest against its party establishment,” said Doug Kaplan, the managing partner of Gravis Marketing, the Florida-based polling firm that conducted the poll. The poll carries a 2.8 percent margin of error.

Kaplan said Libertarian Gary Johnson was the choice of four percent and Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein had the support of two percent of the electorate.

“It would be a stretch to say that Oregon is in play, but it is also a state that both parties had ignored in presidential campaigns,” he said. In the 2012 election, President Barack Obama beat the GOP nominee W. Mitt Romney with 54 percent of the vote to 42 percent for the former governor of Massachusetts.

The poll does reveal Oregon’s political tumult, Kaplan said.

Thirty-eight percent of respondents have a strongly favorable opinion of the president and 36 percent have a strongly unfavorable opinion.

When asked if the country was going in the right direction or the wrong direction, 38 percent said America was going in the right direction and 53 said the wrong direction.

Respondents were asked if it was a good idea when the Obama administration transferred the federal government’s control of the Internet to a non-governmental consortium and 64 percent said it was a bad idea; six percent said it was a good idea.

Another question dealt with Clinton’s extension of the president’s refugee programs: Hillary Clinton’s supporters at the Refugee Council want to increase the number of refugees coming into the United States in 2017 even more, to 200,000, and Hillary wants to increase the number of Syrian refugees in that total from 10,000 in 2016 to 65,000 in 2017. Do you approve or disapprove of this increase?

In this question, 30 percent of Oregon voters approve, 60 percent disapprove, and 10 percent were unsure.

In the Senate race, Sen. Ron Wyden (D.-Ore.) holds a 52 percent to 33 percent lead over his Republican opponent Mark Callahan, a computer systems consultant.

Fifty-three percent of repondents said that had not heard of Callahan.

The poll was conducted with random automated phone calls with results weighted to match a proprietary turnout model.

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