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‘Get Your Own Rally!’ Obama Frustrated by ’Bill Clinton Is a Rapist’ Protesters

Barack O Greensborough AP

President Barack Obama was repeatedly interrupted by “Bill Clinton Is a Rapist” protesters during a rally for Hillary Clinton in Greensboro, N.C. on Tuesday.

“Oh no!” Obama said wryly after a man and a woman stood up yelling, “Bill Clinton is a Rapist,” — which was also written on their t-shirts.

The couple was booed loudly as Obama stood silent, waiting nearly a minute for them to be removed. Another person in the crowd erupted with a similar message hoisting a bright orange sign that said, “Bill Clinton is a rapist.”

“You know this is the great thing about politics in America,” Obama said, grinning. “It takes all kinds. Folks will just do all kinds of stuff.”

Obama continued, joking that the protestrrs must be auditioning for a “reality show.”

“Goodness gracious, I’m just trying to make a simple point here,” he added.

Obama continued his speech before he was interrupted again.

“Is somebody hollering again? You know what, here’s the deal, try to get your own rally,” he said. “You gotta get your own rally. If you can’t get your own rally, don’t come mess up somebody else rally. We’ve got work to do here.”

As Obama continued, he was interrupted again as a man began shouting while supporters started getting angry.

“This is our democracy at work, this is great,” Obama said, before leading a “Don’t boo. Vote!” chant.

“It doesn’t really matter if a young man runs there and gets his five seconds of fame,” Obama said.


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