The Nuclear Option — Trump Has One Job Until November 8th: Prosecute Case Against Hillary Clinton


LAS VEGAS — America, place your bets!

Put ‘em all on red. Or orange, as the case may be. At least you have a 50-50 chance of winning.

The only alternative is throwing rigged dice on a tilted table against a dealer who has never lost under a pit boss who was impeached and disbarred for lying, and in a casino run by by a wealthy, global-elite mafia.

Go all in on orange and you just might win. Hell, you might just win so much you get tired of winning.

But if you hit that shady dice table, you are 100 percent guaranteed to lose. Just like you’ve been losing against these crooks for 30 years.

As Donald Trump tells black voters: “What have you got to lose?”

From the start of this crazy, wild election, Mr. Trump’s campaign slogan could have been, “Well, you can screw it up.”

That has been his message and it has worked running against first Republicans, then Democrats and now a cabal of Republicans, Democrats and the dishonest media.

Mr. Trump had another fine debate performance here Wednesday night under very tough conditions. Moderator Chris Wallace never let it get out control and kept the discussion on the issues.


Mr. Trump feasts when things get out of control and lands his best haymakers when the crowd starts hooting and hollering.

So it was not his best debate, but it was fine. He did not deliver the knockout. But neither did she.

The media, of course, will focus on his refusal to say whether he will accept the outcome of an election that has yet to come.

Of course not a single actual human being cares about such nonsense but this is what electrifies the stammering media.

Or they will focus on his comment about what a nasty woman Hillary Clinton is. Unfortunately, the truth is no defense. It is yet another stupid distraction Mr. Trump could have avoided. But no biggie.

The truth is, Mr. Trump is at his absolute pure best when he is on the attack, prosecuting the case against Mrs. Clinton, talking directly to her. He is animated. He is clear. He is fierce.

Unfortunately, he confronted her only a handful of times Wednesday night.

From this moment to the end of the election, Mr. Trump needs to wake up every day and go out and pretend he is talking to Mrs. Clinton, calling her a liar, accusing her of rampant corruption, hammering her for disdain for America and all Americans.

If he can keep that up, orange just might pay off. Bigly.

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