Breitbart Radio Exclusive: Curt Schilling Joins Breitbart News Rotation Weekdays 9AM to 11AM ET

SALEM, NH - OCTOBER 18: Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling speaks to the gathered media as he makes an appearance at a Republican Party office in Salem, NH to stump for the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump on Oct. 18, 2016. (Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via …
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The pitching hero of the 2004 Red Sox World Series championship season told Breitbart News: Sunday Edition he launches his daily talk show Tuesday.

Curt Schilling told Breitbart News radio host Matthew Boyle that, during the first two weeks of the program, his focus will be on getting information out to listeners before the November 8 presidential election.

The former ESPN analyst said a major part of that will be continuing to expose the crimes of Hillary Clinton.

“This woman is the most deplorable, corrupt human being to ever run for office — let alone the White House,” he said.

The program broadcasts live weekdays M-F from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Eastern Time at

“I am joining the Breitbart Team for one reason,” he said. “At the end of the day, when you look at what Breitbart does on a day-in-day-out basis — you can hate all the stories all you want — but, they are backed by sources. They are backed by data. They are backed by facts.”

Schilling said, as he joins the team, he is personally overwhelmed by the legend and vision of Andrew Breitbart, the news organization’s late founder.

Because he challenged the establishment, Breitbart was accused of hatred and prejudice, he said.

“I am in that boat now,” he said. “Now, I understand how that works.”

The Arizona native said he is depicted as a close-minded, hateful man in the media when the opposite is true.

Schilling said an example of how he is treated in the media is his recent appearance on CNN with Jake Tapper.

“I asked him as a person of the Jewish faith, why people, who practice that faith would be supporters of the Democratic Party — given their anti-Israel, anti-Jewish stance,” he said. “After that — I was called an anti-Semite — and I am thinking to myself: ‘Wait a minute?'”

Yet, all the time, Christians are asked to defend or attack policies based on their being Christians, he said.

“I am not taking my news anymore from ‘the media’ because the media has very clearly given all pretenses away of objectivity,” he said. “They want and need Hillary Clinton in the White House.”

Schilling said he expects the American people to choose GOP nominee Donald J. Trump, despite the polls.

The 2016 election is a replay of 1980 when Ronald W. Reagan defeated President James E. “Jimmy” Carter, he said. “On the 26th of October, 1980, Carter was ahead 47-39 and Reagan won in one of the most historical landslides ever — and I think we are on the cusp of something like that again.”

“The goal of the liberal media now is to destroy any and everything they possibly can relating to positive news around Trump,” he said.

“Listen, we’re still hearing Clinton supporters, who are railing on and on about the fact that Trump has not laid out specific plans when at Gettysburg yesterday that’s exactly what he did,” he said. In a speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Trump announced his agenda for the first 100 days of his administration.

Once Trump makes his specific plans known, they then came back at him and dismissed the plans as achievable, he said.

The six-time All-Star told Boyle his advice for the New York City developer would be to ignore the Left. “It’s never good enough, so stop trying for a media that will never accept you, and stay true to yourself.”

It is fair to criticize off-color remarks by Trump, he said. “But, none of them has gotten four people in Benghazi killed. None of them has stolen money — hundreds of millions of dollars from the survivors in Haiti or run a corrupt foundation.”

Schilling, who retired from Major League Baseball in 2009 with 3,116 strikeouts, a regular season record of 216-146 and a post-season record of 11-2, said his show is about “the stuff that moves the needle,” including the full depth and breadth of what this woman and the Clinton Crime Family has done over the last 26 years. “That really needs to be exposed.”

Although the pitching ace is famous for his baseball accomplishments and analysis, his passion for calling out political correctness is undeniable.

“You have to remain true to yourself,” he said. “Don’t ever live your life trying to impress people you don’t know.”

This is advice he gives his own children and how he lives his life in a way that allows him to sleep well at night, he said.

The pitcher, who makes his home in Massachusetts, said the local media has been attacking him for the last month because of his interest in running against Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in 2018. “They are out in force and aggressive.”

Taking on Warren is a tough decision because, although he has a thick skin, family members of conservatives are rich targets for left-wing journalists, he said.

Watch this short MLB video of Curt Schilling pitching in the 2004 American League playoffs:

Schilling told Boyle that winners stay on target and concentrate on their goals, regardless of what is put up against them.

“At the end of the day, Matt, winning is more about above the shoulders than it is about athletic ability or talent,” he said. “You have to have the dogged determination to jump over whatever hurdles are thrown in front of you — and I have had some big ones — politics is not even a big one.”

The 2001 World Series MVP told Boyle: “I’ve battled cancer. My wife has had cancer. I’ve had a heart attack. I’ve been through the thing with 38 Studios going under — I mean, I’ve been through a lot, but at the end of the day, I am, who I am today because of what I have endured, good and bad.” The 2012 failure of Schilling’s video game company, 38 Studios, was a political and financial disaster because it was propped up by a loan from the state of Rhode Island.

“I wouldn’t change anything in my life because I wouldn’t be who I am today, if it wasn’t — I know who I am.”


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