Hannity: Author Jeff Rovin Claims He Was Media ‘Fixer’ for Bill & Hillary Clinton

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The man who claims to have been responsible for making sure media outlets quashed stories detrimental to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions was revealed during Monday’s broadcast of Fox News’s Sean Hannity show.

The man who claims to have been the Clintons’ media “fixer” for decades was revealed as author Jeff Rovin during Hannity’s October 24 broadcast.


Rovin told Hannity he first met the Clintons decades ago, not long after the then-editor of supermarket tabloid National Enquirer, David Perel, had worked with him to bury a story on a celebrity Rovin had interviewed. “That started a decades-long career as what Dylan Howard, the current editor, has called a fixer.”

The interview was spurred by an interview Hannity did on his afternoon radio talk show with Enquirer editor Dylan Howard, where Hannity got the tabloid chief to promise to consider allowing Hannity to bring Rovin out from the shadows.

But the tabloid really piqued Hannity’s interests with a long exposé of Rovin’s claims to be the Clintons’ media fixer. One of the stories even featured allegations of arrangements made for Hillary Clinton to engage in sexual trysts with both men and women. The paper said that it compiled Rovin’s story based on 24 years of journals and records the author kept to track the stories he “fixed” over the years.

Perhaps feeling the pressure from those who claim the Enquirer is a less-than-serious source, Hannity started his interview noting that the tabloid has a history of breaking stories that are real, hard news — and true. Hannity mentioned scoops about O.J. Simpson, Gary Hart, Rush Limbaugh’s drug problems, John Edwards mistress, Jesse Jackson’s love child, Tiger Woods’s marriage problems, and others.

Rovin commented that one may not like the material that the tabloid publishes, “but, ironically it is so heavily vetted because it is so controversial. It’s probably better vetted than most of the stories in other media,” the Clinton “fixer” exclaimed.

Rovin told Hannity that, because he had been a writer of military thrillers, he knew “generals” and “all the back doors of Washington” so he was ideally suited to help Bill and Hillary torpedo stories they didn’t want the media to cover.

The author went on to say that his reason for coming out now to reveal his identity and his decades-long job as the Clintons’ “fixer” was because the media world is topsy-turvy these days.

“I wanted to write an editorial condemning the salacious nature of political reporting now,” Rovin told Hannity. “The New York Times has become the Enquirer, the Enquirer has become The New York Times. The world is upside down. We’ve got to set it right again,” he insisted.

The Clintons’ sex life wasn’t anything that bothered him, Rovin told Hannity. “To me, it’s not my business and it’s nobody else’s business.”

But Rovin said one of the reasons he continued as the Clintons’ “fixer” was because he became seduced by the power and prestige of Washington D.C.

Hannity brought up Monica Lewinsky, and Rovin claims he personally apologized to her for his part in her troubled life after her affair with Bill Clinton exploded across the nation.

Rovin went on to say that he had spoken to Hillary on several occasions about some of their media bombshells he was tasked with covering up. He noted that every time he met Hillary, he was bringing her bad news.

Rovin also noted that Hillary was often furious that Bill or one of their underlings got caught forcing them to “fix” a story.

“Smearing happened, money was paid, orders were given,” Hannity said, “you were to go out and damage the reputation of Monica Lewinsky” and people like her.

While saying he didn’t personally go out to besmirch Lewinsky or any of the Clintons’ other enemies, Rovin said he was “part of a team effort” to do just that.

Rovin also confirmed that Bill and Hillary have a very tense relationship. “If screaming is to be taken as validation,” Rovin said, “there were harsh words behind closed doors,” exchanged between Bill and Hillary, “that we all heard.”

The political “fixer” also alleged that the Clintons’ goal was to “destroy” Monica Lewinsky and others like her. But he also noted that, at some point, even Bill Clinton pulled back on the attacks on Monica because he felt it was going too far.

“It’s a stinking business,” Rovin said, “It’s an absolutely stinking business.”

Hannity wrapped up his interview by asking who Rovin was going to vote for. While he said he likes Trump well enough, the author refused to say for whom he was voting next month.

Rovin has not been completely invisible in the public eye. He has a long public career as a writer for science fiction, comic books, video gaming, and action novels, and he says he is currently working on a TV serialization of one of his adventure novels. He also worked as a ghostwriter helping Tom Clancy write some of his spy novels. One of Rovin’s Clancy novels, Tom Clancy’s Op-Center: War of Eagles, landed on The New York Times Best Seller list in 2005. Rovin has dozens of novels, articles, and how-to books to his credit. But now he could also be known as the Clinton “fixer.”

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