Remembering Andrew Breitbart: ‘F*ck You, John Podesta!’


In 2010, Andrew Breitbart recognized Clinton campaign chair John Podesta as one of the biggest, most corrupt figures in Washington, D.C. 

“Fuck you, John Podesta,” he told journalist Dave Weigel, who then wrote for Slate. “What’s in your closet, John Podesta? Big Podesta? Big Soros? Do you want us to play these games? Because we’re playing to win.” 

Andrew Breitbart understood that the biggest threats to America were those who pulled the strings behind the scenes to gain enormous personal power, money, and influence.

Podesta is a creature of Washington, D.C., driving the leftist agenda for decades with his fingers in every pot, since serving in the Bill Clinton White House.

He served as the president’s chief of staff during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, working tirelessly to thwart investigations around the scandal-plagued administration. The tumultuous events reportedly spawned an alter-ego for Podesta that aides called “Skippy” — the nasty side of the normally mild-mannered operative. 

Podesta also co-founded a massive lobbying firm with his brother, Tony Podesta, but later went on to launch the liberal think tank Center for American Progress and its multi-armed political subsidiaries.

The Center for American Progress has received more than $5.5 million from liberal billionaire George Soros and millions from top American corporations. 

The leftist operative has remained close to power for decades and has been the subject of many fawning media profiles over the years. 

His lobbyist brother, Tony, has repeatedly reaped the financial rewards of Podesta’s proximity to power, as the pair enjoys unprecedented access to the most powerful people in the world, including questionable ties with Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Podesta expertly leverages his longstanding relationships with government officials to serve his interests and that of his employers.

For example, Podesta praised lawyer Peter Kadzik — who “kept me out of jail” in the Clinton administration — for work in the Obama transition effort. After becoming the Justice Department’s assistant attorney general, Kadzik leaked information to Podesta about the investigation in Hillary Clinton’s email server. 

Podesta ran Obama’s transition into power in 2008, vetting the government bureaucrats and building the vast liberal network that would serve in Obama’s eight year administration. 

Andrew Breitbart tangled with Podesta during the ACORN scandal, as the liberal operative joined the scandal-tainted organization’s advisory council. 

“Since Mr. Podesta was appointed to investigate ACORN, the only thing investigated has been the investigators, Mr. O’Keefe, Ms. Giles, and the publisher of the journalism behind it, yours truly,” Breitbart wrote in the Washington Times in 2009. 

When Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State during Obama’s first term, Podesta followed by joining her Foreign Affairs Policy Board. 

President Barack Obama convinced Podesta to join his team after getting a “shellacking” in the midterm elections and losing the Democratic congressional majorities. Under Podesta’s direction, Obama went on to use his executive power to thwart Republicans and push his agenda items despite obstruction in Congress. 

Podesta left Obama’s administration to join Hillary Clinton’s campaign, where he has orchestrated obstructionism surrounding Hillary Clinton’s biggest scandals and massaged relationships with the media with intimate private dinners at his home. 

He has had close ties to an investment fund backed by the Russian government, but transferred his holdings to his children to avoid scrutiny. He claims not to receive a salary for working in the Clinton campaign, but he still manages to pull a $3,000 a month stipend from the campaign and $7,000 a month from Herb Sandler, a major Clinton donor. 

Podesta fell prey to hackers in 2015, who successfully penetrated his private Gmail account and delivered his emails to WikiLeaks, who began their daily detailed releases that exposed the inner workings of the Clinton campaign. 

Americans now know more about Podesta than ever before, though he remains in a central position of power in the Clinton campaign. Should Hillary Clinton win the presidency, Podesta is due for a prime position in leading the second Clinton White House. 


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