Progressives Blackball African-American Chef For Selling Food To Trump Campaign


Progressives are blackballing an African-American restaurant owner in stricken Detroit because the chef sold food to local supporters of Donald Trump’s campaign.

“They want to not only not support me, but boycott me!” Chef Don Studvent  told WXYZ Detroit. “It’s unfair and it’s selfish.”

Studvent, a Democrat, sold catering services to a political meeting headlined by Donald Trump Jr. “This is my living,” he said. “And it’s not just my living, my employees as well.”

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Studvent, known as Chef Don, has run the 1917 American Bistro on Livernois Avenue for seven years. The self-described Democrat said he didn’t think anything of taking the job, or allowing the candidate’s son to snap a picture with him.

“There is personal and there is business, it should always be separate,” said Studvent. “Business-wise I can’t take sides. I just can’t.”

While Studvent saw the situation as cut-and-dry, others were up in arms. One Facebook post shared more than 200 times reads, in part: “after seeing the owner spinning and grinning here with Trump Jr. I’ll be eating at Kuzzo’s from now on.” As more people commented, the call came to boycott the restaurant.

One Facebook message said “These people are such sellouts! …. pass the word on.”

“I don’t deserve this crap,” Studvent told

Democratic activists fear a low turnout of African-Americans in the city may allow Donald Trump to win the state. read it all here.

Watch the video here.


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