Pat Caddell on ‘Whatever It Takes’: Trump Wins Because ‘The People Want Their Country Back’

Pat Caddell Whatever

Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell was a guest on Tuesday’s Whatever It Takes, hosted by baseball great Curt Schilling, and on the show he explained why he sees Donald J. Trump winning the White House in today’s election.

Across the country, 80 percent of Americans are fed up with a ruling elite that has manipulated the system for their own gain, Caddell told Schilling, who hosts Whatever It Takes weekdays from from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., broadcast live on

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Trump has tapped into the unrest and turmoil that so many Americans are going through, but it is not reflected in the mainstream media, nor do their leaders address it or try to understand it.

“They want their country back and that instinct is one of the most powerful forces, historically,” he said.

Caddell said he would compare 2016 to 1828, when Andrew Jackson overthrew an entrenched elite.

Schilling said that he based his own predictions of a Trump win on the under-recording of the Trump vote in the polls. “I went to the electoral map and I added five percent to Trump’s total and in every state where he was within 4.9 percent or in the lead, I gave him the win.”

The fireballer told Caddell his call for the night was: Trump 322 and Clinton 216.

“Numbers matter to me,” he said to the pollster. “You’ve seen the data. You’ve lived inside the data. You understand the data in ways other people don’t.”

What do the numbers tell you, he asked.

Caddell warmed to the task: “The numbers I’ve been seeing–and I’ve been trying to go in depth–you know, we did some surveys with Gravis and I helped consult on that–we polled attitude and in depth questions, because when you have a close election, I care less about the surface numbers and more about the in depth attitudes the people will decide on.”

The man who was the pollster consulting for three consecutive Democratic nominees, 1972, 1976 and 1980–with a strong second place in 1984–said up until the last minute, there are many undecideds, but their views are revealed in the attitude questions.

Seven to 10 percent of the electorate is still undecided going into Election Day and they dislike both Trump and his Democratic opponent Hillary R. Clinton, he said.

But, on the big issues, such as trade policies, immigration, and the economy, they are with Trump, he said.

“If they vote what they think, they will be swinging to Trump, they will be swinging not because they are for Trump, these last deciders,” he said. “But, because it is the uprising of the American  people.”

Caddell said, “It is going to be an interesting and long, majorly historical evening tonight.”

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