Yale Professor Makes Midterm Optional for Students Upset by Trump Win

AP photo

A Yale economics professor has reportedly made a midterm exam optional for students who were upset at Tuesday night’s election results, the Washington Times reported.

“I am getting many heartfelt notes from students who are in shock over the election returns,” the Econ 115 professor wrote.

“The ones I find most upsetting are those who fear, rightly or wrongly, for their own families. These students are requesting that the exam be postponed,” the professor said. “On the other hand, I am sure that many students I have sacrificed to prepare for the test. Further, it is not easy to reschedule exam rooms at this late date. Finally, postponing the exam would throw off the rest of the schedule as well.”

“Therefore, I am making the exam optional,” the professor wrote. “I will calculate each students grade both with and without exam 2, placing all of exam 2’s weight on the final exam when exam 2 is omitted. I will then take, for each student, the maximum of the two final grades (with and without the exam). Those maximum scores will then be used for the final curve.”

The Yale Daily News reported that many students expressed “surprise and disappointment” at president-elect Donald Trump’s win Tuesday night.

President-elect Donald Trump pulled off an upset against Hillary Clinton in Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.


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