Feminist Activists: Get Birth Control Now Before Donald Trump Takes Office

A health worker teaches women how to properly use a intra uterine device (IUD) during the World Population Day in Manila July 11, 2008.

Feminist activists are urging women to have long-term birth control methods implanted right away.

Their tactic is to push the narrative that once Donald Trump takes office in January, their birth control methods will no longer be “free.”

Feminist publications, including Elle, are advocating that women who choose to rely on taxpayer funding for their birth control get intrauterine devices (IUDs) inserted now – before Trump takes office – with the hope they’ll last until the next president is elected in 2020.

Elle says:

The Affordable Care Act may have its flaws, but it guaranteed access to free birth-control for women. And that progress is very much at stake. Donald Trump has vowed to ask Congress to repeal Obamacare on his first day in office. Meanwhile, our new vice president, Mike Pence, has favored legislation that mandates women who have abortions or miscarry bury or cremate fetal remains. Our reproductive healthcare is always under attack, but it’s about to be a very scary time to have unreliable birth control. Enter, the IUD.

IUDs, Elle continues, “not only last between three and nine years, but can be removed whenever you decide to believe in the republic again.”

Elle attempts to convince its readers that the pain of having an IUD inserted is nowhere near that of looking toward a Trump-Pence administration:

Sure, they’re not exactly a breeze to have inserted. But you’re a woman! You’re strong. You can manage the pain…And besides, which would you rather get all up in your uterus—a cutie device that will let you decide when and if to have children or the Trump-Pence administration?

Trump has said that repealing and replacing Obamacare with free-market health insurance solutions that lower the costs of health care will be a priority. Groups such as Planned Parenthood, however, have been fierce advocates of Obamacare as they reap federal funding for handing out and inserting birth control methods.

Had Hillary Clinton been elected president, Planned Parenthood likely would have achieved its goal of receiving direct federal taxpayer funds for abortions as well through Medicaid once the Hyde Amendment was repealed.

In February, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards touted that millions of women in the United States are now able to obtain birth control for free – that is, on the American taxpayer’s dime – because of Obamacare.

“The thing that’s important to me, because it’s really part of why this election is so important,” Richards said, “as a result of the long, hard fight for the Affordable Care Act, 55 million women in America are getting birth control–and no co-pay.”

Leftwing feminist writers are distraught at the thought that women may have to open their own wallets to purchase their own birth control. Birth control, however, can cost as little as under $10 per month when savvy women consumers use websites such as GoodRx and WeRx to scout out the best prices and coupons.

“I recommend the IUD right now especially because it’s long term, which with 20 million+ Americans potentially losing their health insurance and potentially right to an abortion, is important,” says writer Sophia Benoit, reports the Washington Post.

“I’m terribly worried about the status of reproductive rights,” Bella Mazzetti, a sexual health advocate, told The Intercept. “If [Republicans] are telling me what to do with my body, my uterus, without having experienced the same pain and health issues as women, that is them saying they know best. In this case, that is not true.”


“In a world where reproductive rights already seem too fragile, this is a huge blow,” writer Rosa Schwartzburg also told The Intercept. “There is no true liberalism without inclusive liberalism, and that means women, queer people, black people, brown people, disabled people, everyone.”

“In stopping this movement of conservationism, we have to remember that there are people whose bodies and autonomy and safety are being affected so goddamn directly by this,” she added.


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