Armed American Radio’s Mark Walters on ‘Whatever It Takes’: Immigration Still the Greatest Threat to Gun Rights

Whatever It Takes Mark Walters

The host of Armed American Radio joined Curt Schilling on Friday’s Whatever It Takes¬†and the two hosts talked about how the politics of gun rights and immigration will change in the Age of Trump.

“Immigration, legal and illegal, poses–still poses–the greatest threat to our right to bear arms,” said Mark Walters, whose program Armed American Radio¬†airs Sunday nights on more than 150 stations, and his program The Daily Defense Hour airs weekdays on many of the same stations.

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Walters said every poll shows that better than 85 percent of immigrants are opposed to gun rights, and even if some of them are sympathetic to gun rights, they vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats.

“Ask yourself why the Democrats want to open up our borders–it is to cement Democrat control,” he said.

Fortunately, Donald J. Trump won the election, not Democrat Hillary R. Clinton, Walters said.

“Our Second Amendment was at stake, not because of any person or their beliefs, but because of the party they put in power,” he said.

“This is a jihad for them,” he said. “This is a long-term strategy, a long-term goal–and that is to eventually wipe out gun ownership in the United States of America–and dare I say it: They failed miserably on Tuesday and we won.”

Walters said,”Now we are in a position to end this phony debate over gun control, so we never have to hear those words uttered again–and if Trump follows through with his policies, with our assistance, we’re in a position to do that, Curt, finally.”

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