Sean Spicer: Appropriations Process for Building the Wall ‘Shouldn’t be News’

Migrants seeking for asylum in the United States, are seen talking to a Customs and Border Protection agent at the San Isidro Port of Entry, on May 26, 2016, in Tijuana, northwestern Mexico. On the past couple of weeks some 600 hundred migrants, mainly from Haiti and some African countries, …

President-elect Donald Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer says the fact that the incoming administration is going through the appropriations process with respect to funding the construction of a wall along the southern border should not be news.

“This morning you saw the President-elect tweet out with respect to the wall. On Oct. 22, just to be clear, Mr. Trump had very clearly stated, ‘Don’t worry about it. Mexico is paying for the wall with the full understanding that the country of Mexico will be reimbursing the United States.’ The idea that we’re going through the appropriations process and figuring out how to pay for it shouldn’t be news,” Spicer told reporters during a conference call on Friday morning.

Trump lashed out on Twitter about media reports that he has gone back on his campaign promise that Mexico will pay for the wall along the southern border.

The tweet comes after reports surfaced that top aides are planning to ask Congress for finances to secure the building of the wall. According to Fox News, the aides are “relying on existing law that already authorizes fencing and other technology along the southern border.”


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