Survey: 28 Percent of Federal Workers May Quit Their Jobs Once Trump Assumes Office

Federal Workers AP

Some federal government employees are considering leaving their jobs when President-elect Trump assumes office, according to a new survey.

“More than one in four federal workers, or 28 percent, will definitely or possibly consider leaving their jobs after Jan. 20 when Trump is sworn into office and becomes leader of the executive branch,” according to the survey conducted by the Government Business Council and Government Executive, both groups that track trends in government.

Half of those surveyed said that Trump’s business experience would “hinder his management of the federal government” while two-thirds of people think Trump’s business relationships pose a conflict of interest.

Half of those who said they were leaving are retirement-eligible and have considered an early retirement, while 37 percent of people would look for a job outside federal government, the analysis said.

Only one percent of respondents said they would quit without having a plan for their next move, while an additional 12 percent of people said they were unsure of what they would do.

A survey by the same groups taken before the election showed that 35 percent of government workers would consider quitting their jobs if Trump won the election.


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