Girl Gets Shotgun; Gun Haters Have Social Media Meltdown

Video Shot
Video Shot

Beretta posted a Facebook video of a young girl getting a 686 Silver Pigeon shotgun for a present, and gun haters came unglued.

The video shows Presley crying tears of joy upon opening the box and discovering a shotgun inside.

The video’s caption begins, “She opens the Beretta box. Her reaction will make you cry.” It continues, “Making memories starts the moment you open your first 686. A touching video sent by Presley’s parents, shows the emotional moment when she realizes she finally has her very own 686 Silver Pigeon. It’s what we call #BerettaJoy.”

A comment from Alessandro Alliata posted below the video says, “That’s America. A place where you cannot buy alcohol or cigarettes if you’re not 21 years old but you can easily have your personal gun.”

The next comment, posted by Katya Longhi, says, “This message is horrible!!! Kids should cry for puppies or for a new game, or for a beautiful present, but not for a gun! I’m so sorry, but this is horrible!!! I think that because I’m Italian, and here we are scared about the weapons, that can kill someone! This shouldn’t [be] exciting for a child, I’m sorry.”

Angela Zöe Olverson wrote, “What on earth[?] In England children cry with joy after receiving pets as surprise presents or even a ticket to Disney Land. Guns are no toy for youngsters of that age.”

One individual, Stephania Handsomemen, used her comments to suggest Donald Trump was elected president because of people who give guns as gifts to their children. She wrote, “I really cried but for a very different reason: because it’s a shame!!!!!! Weapons to children? I now realised how Trump got elected.”

A study on the 686 Silver Pigeon reveals that it is an over-and-under shotgun for sport shooters (clay pigeons) and bird hunters. Getting one as a gift indicates an interest in the sport of shooting, not crime. 

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