Desperate Democrats Try to Torpedo Trump’s Pick for Labor Secretary


Democrat politicians and their allies in the labor unions and establishment media are throwing everything they have into defeating President Trump’s choice for Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder.

The signs of freakout on the left are escalating rapidly, with CNN recently posting a listicle entitled 8 reasons Andrew Puzder’s nomination is a mess, and Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer is calling on President Trump to withdraw Puzder’s name from consideration.

The status-quo left isn’t trying to destroy Puzder because he isn’t qualified. Andy Puzder has lived a life of impressive accomplishment. Puzder is both a lawyer and the CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc, which includes the fast-food chains Carls Jr., and Hardees. Puzder led the company’s resurgence and financial success, partially with a brilliant marketing campaign featuring “racy ads” that the joyless brats on the left are now savaging him for.

The same hypocrites on the left who still support and lionize President Bill Clinton after he repeatedly used a White House intern for his own gratification in the Oval Office suddenly have the vapors over Hardees and Carl’s Jr. ads that came out a few years ago featuring beautiful women in bikinis chowing down on juicy burgers. Yes, the same leftists who praise every violent, depraved, sexually explicit movie, TV show and video that comes out of Hollywood want to make an issue of Paris Hilton & Hannah Ferguson chomping a Texas Thickburger.

Combining beauty and ground beef apparently flies in the face of political correctness.

The progressive’s real issue with Andy Puzder isn’t about supermodels eating meat; it’s about the withering power of the Democrats.

Since President Trump’s election, the Democrat Party’s protest-of-the-day tactics have been sound and fury, signifying—and adding up to—nothing. The post-Obama left has been handed loss after humiliating loss, from their attempts to challenge Donald Trump taking office in the first place with recounts and electoral college hijinks, to sitting by and watching helplessly as Trump’s cabinet nominees take office over their objections and party-line votes.

Adding to their misery, the Democrats just lost high-stakes battles over the appointments of new Secretary of Education Betsy Devos and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Both figures are reviled by the Democrats because the left knows that appointees like DeVos and Sessions will quickly undo eight years of Barack Obama’s attempts at the fundamental transformation of America.

Puzder taking over the Department of Labor is another appointment that will rock the D.C. establishment back on their heels, which is why top Democrats like Schumer and Sen. Elizabeth Warren have been leading the charge against Puzder.

Under Obama, the Labor Department was a stronghold for both the Democrats and their allies in the labor unions, including the SEIU. Obama radicalized the Department of Labor by choosing people like Hilda Solis to lead it; Solis once appeared alongside 1960s radical Angela Davis at an event.

It was during the Obama administration that the SEIU began to organize fast food protests around the country to try and get the entry-level wage to $15 an hour in what they called the ‘Fight for 15’.

The SIEU’s Fight for 15 website has attacked Puzder and President Trump, saying that Puzder:

…opposes the minimum wage. He thinks workers are overprotected. He is against unions. He even said he wants to fire workers and replace them with machines that can’t take vacations or sue their employers…

Because they’ve thrown so many resources behind The Fight for 15, the SEIU desperately needs to prove that it is relevant and can win a battle for the Democrats.

Of course, most hard working members of America’s silent majority likely see the Fight for 15 protest for exactly what it is; a media stunt that will end up having a negative impact on workers, who will be replaced or shut out of jobs by an outrageous, unearned wage hike.

In the end, it’s still unlikely that the Democrats and the fading unions will be effective in trying to take down Puzder. The votes for Sessions and DeVos show that under Trump, the GOP is showing an admirable amount of discipline.

Meanwhile, expect more protests and personal attacks than you can shake a French fry at as the Democrats continue to maintain relevance with a public with which they are completely out of touch.

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