Protesters Attempt to Block Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from Entering DC School

AP Photo/Maria Danilova

Newly sworn-in U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was greeted by a group of protesters blocking the front entrance to a Washington, D.C. school she was scheduled to visit Friday.

DeVos, a supporter of charter schools, was greeted by a small group of protesters, some of them holding “Black Lives Matter” signs, another holding a sign that read, “Feminists Are the Majority,” and at least one yelling, “Shame!” when she arrived at Jefferson Middle School Academy, reports NBC News. DeVos reportedly left the front door and entered the school through the rear door instead.

ABC News’ Sam Sweeney tweeted video of the protesters clashing with police:

One protester was reportedly arrested.

NBC reports Washington Teachers’ Union president Elizabeth Davis said the protesters, “love our public school system.”

DeVos was among the most controversial of President Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees, drawing criticism from teachers’ unions, who are allied with the Democrat Party.

In a historic moment, Vice President Mike Pence broke a tie vote in the Senate to confirm DeVos’ nomination.


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