Report: New York Judge Orders Drug-Addicted Mother Not to Get Pregnant Again

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A woman who allegedly lost her children due to charges of prostitution and illegal drug use has been ordered not to get pregnant again by a New York family court judge.

Judge Patricia Gallaher, a Monroe County family court judge in Rochester, New York, ordered the woman — referred to as “Brady F.” in court documents — to take steps to regain custody of her infant son after having lost three other children due to her law-breaking behavior.

But as the woman works to regain custody of her youngest child, the judge insisted that Brady F. must refrain from getting pregnant again.

The woman lost all of her children based on findings of child neglect, a CNN wire report revealed.

The judge, who issued the order just ahead of retiring from the bench, noted how sick and tired she was over the long line of bad parents who paraded through her court.

“This court has seen about a half dozen seemingly ‘nice couples’ show up as respondents in neglect cases where both are addicted to heroin and literally throwing their lives away — and the lives of their children — in just this year,” Gallaher wrote in her decision.

The judge did note that she didn’t expect the suspect would face jail time or other legal sanctions if she got pregnant despite the order and also did not delineate what would happen if the woman did violate the judge’s order.

The suspect’s attorney decried the order saying it violated his client’s constitutional rights.

“We think that Judge Gallaher’s decision raises significant constitutional concerns regarding the right to privacy and the role of a state in telling people when or whether they can procreate,” public defender Tim Donaher said.

Donaher added that he intends to appeal the order.

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