EXCLUSIVE – Rep. Jim Jordan: The Nine Lies Americans Were Told About Obamacare

Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan told Breitbart News that Republicans on Capitol Hill must remember the GOP promised over the last six political cycles to repeal Obamacare; legislation that passed based on nine lies Democrats told about President Barack Obama’s landmark healthcare reform.

“Look, we know what a disaster it is,” said Jordan. “We all know the false statements which were told to the American people when this bill passed.”

“We know the high cost of the premiums, the high deductibles – just the disaster that is Obamacare – I start from that premise,” he said.

These are the nine lies Jordan said were told about the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: 

1. Like your plan? You can keep your plan.

2. Like your doctor? You can keep your doctor.

3. Premiums will go down.

4. Premiums will go down at an average of $2,500.

5. Deductibles will go down.

6. The healthcare.gov website will work.

7. The healthcare.gov website will be secure.

8. Emergency room visits will go down.

9. The 23 healthcare cooperatives will be the end-all, save-all, be-all.

Jordan is quick to point out that of the 23 cooperatives, 18 of them went bankrupt within a two-year window.

The congressman said Congress needs to repeal and replace Obamacare during this session of Congress. “That is what we told the voters and what they expect.”

“That is what we told the voters and what they expect,” he said.

“When Obamacare’s gone, health care becomes less expensive, and it gets better,” he said. “Let’s get rid of it as quickly.”

Once the repeal is complete, Jordan said conservatives are prepared to offer a replacement.

“We should have a replacement that empowers people and families and communities and doctors–not like Obamacare, which is all about Washington.”


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