Exclusive–Rep. Ken Buck & Company Make Hilarious ‘End the Debt’ Video

Ken Buck Video

Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck just dropped a funny-smart video about paying off the national debt featuring some of the most popular Capitol Hill Republicans, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Rep. Mia Love, and South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy.

“In a humorous way, I wanted to draw attention to the problem we have in this country with our debt and how difficult it will be deal with that debt if we don’t start right away,” Buck told Breitbart News.

In the video, Gowdy pulls up in an SUV to Buck standing in the street with a tin can collecting money for the debt. Love finds Buck collecting cans for the deposits and Lee finds him rustling through sofa cushions looking for spare change. Each one tells Buck that is not the way to pay off the federal debt.

“One of the first things we need to do is balance the budget,” Buck said. “If we live within our means and pay the principal and interest on this debt over a period of time, we can get to the point where we have substantially paid down the debt–but, if we start now? We won’t be able to do it.”

Buck said it is one thing to see the economic turmoil and pain created when a country like Greece goes bankrupt, and there are other countries around to bail Greece out.

“If America crashes? There are no countries to bail us out. It would really be a worldwide economic calamity,” he said.

In the final scene, Buck is driving for a ride-sharing service, and he picks up Cruz.

Buck: I’ve tried everything, how do you pay off the national debt?

Cruz: Look, the only way we’re going to pay off our debt is if we rein in Washington. We gotta have a balanced budget, and we got to have economic growth again. Tax reform, regulatory reform, pull Washington off the backs of small businesses, repeal Obamacare, pass a flat tax–our economy takes off. That’s the only way we pay off the debt.

Watch Rep. Ken Buck (R.-Colo.)’s “End the Debt” video:



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