Ohio Gun Law Takes Effect: Concealed Carry Legal in Unsecured Portions of Airports

AP/Brynn Anderson

Ohio Senate Bill 199 takes effect March 21, allowing residents with concealed carry permits to carry guns for self-defense in the unsecured portions of airports.

WLWT reports that SB 199 also lifts state bans on campus carry for concealed permit holders and on carrying a gun into a daycare for the defense of children. In both of these examples–campuses and day cares–discretion on whether to allow concealed carry falls to the school regents/administrators and the day care facility owners.

Chesley Worth is a Hyde Park mom who says she “can’t see any reason why someone would be OK with carrying a gun in a day care.” She says she is from Connecticut that cites the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary as one of the reasons for her opposition to guns for self-defense at day care facilities.

She said, “I come from Connecticut. Sandy Hook was a devastating experience for me. There’s no place for guns in certain places — playgrounds, day cares, schools. My opinion is there’s just not a place for it.”

Missing from Worth’s argument is the fact that Sandy Hook Elementary was a gun-free zone. There were no guns allowed and there were no guns at the school until the attacker entered with two guns on December 14, 2012. The gun-free policy rendered teachers and staff defenseless and the attacker had over nine minutes in the school without facing any armed resistance.

Would it not be preferable to have laws that allow parents, teachers, and day care workers, to shoot back and defend the lives of children?

Breitbart News reported that SB 199 was passed in the wake of the November 28, 2016, terror attack on the University of Ohio campus. In that attack an Islamist drove his car into unarmed students then exited the vehicle to chase them with a butcher knife. CNN reported that 11 individuals were hospitalized as a result of the attack.

Would it not be preferable to have a campus policy that allows concealed carry permit holders to be armed for self-defense so that attackers can be stopped before any innocents are harmed?

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