Rep. Raúl Labrador on AHCA: ‘Nobody Likes this Bill’

Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Idaho Rep. Raúl Labrador – a member of the House Freedom Caucus – says Republicans who are planning to vote in favor of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) as it is now are doing so “just because their leadership is asking them to do it.”

“Nobody likes this bill,” Labrador told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Thursday after the vote on the bill was postponed. “Can we get to a bill that the American people like? The majority of Americans don’t like this bill. The majority of Republicans in our districts don’t like this bill. Let’s make it a bill that Americans are proud of.”

“I’m still a “no,” Neil,” the congressman said about his position on the bill. “We haven’t been able to reach a point where the healthcare market is actually going to improve. Our biggest concern at the Freedom Caucus is to make sure that healthcare costs go down and health insurance premiums go down. This bill does not accomplish that.”

Labrador continued:

It’s a good first step – they’re talking about Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 – but we’re just not as confident that Phases 2 and 3 are gonna go through, so we need to get this bill right. We promised the American people that we’re gonna repeal Obamacare and we’re gonna replace it with market-driven forces. We’re gonna replace it with a good bill that actually brings healthcare [costs] down, and this bill doesn’t do that. But, I think we’re almost there. The president has been acting in good faith, he’s been negotiating with our leaders, and I think we’re gonna get there. But we’re still not where we need to be.

Labrador also said an “artificial deadline” exists that the bill must be passed immediately.

“There’s no need for this bill to come together,” he added. “We should all get together in the same room and talk about what we can do to improve this healthcare bill.”

The congressman continued, “Leadership likes to pit one group against another.”

“Actually, I think if we’re all in the same room negotiating, we can get to a solution…” he concluded.