DELINGPOLE: Environmentalists Aren’t Just Wrong. They’re Loathsome And Evil Too.

earth hour

Today is Earth Hour and as usual I shall be lighting a candle – several, actually; plus turning my Rayburn up to eleven; plus turning on all the house lights; plus lighting the patio heaters; plus starting my Landrover and leaving its diesel engine to idle outside in the drive; plus switching on the immersion heater; plus running several hot baths – in tribute to the world’s climate heroes.

I refer, of course, to the tiny, elite fellowship of scientists, economists, politicians, journalists and bloggers who have bravely taken the right side of the climate argument and spoken up for truth, integrity and the scientific method in defiance of the vast and terrifying propaganda behemoth they call the Green Blob.

Many of them were present at the annual Heartland Institute Climate Conference in Washington DC this week. I was sorry not to have been able to make it there myself this year because these people have become my friends. Shared adversity does that for you: everyone from our elder statesman Fred Singer downwards has been brutally vilified, traduced, mocked and monstered by the Servants of the Green Blob over the years – because when the evidence isn’t on your side (as it hasn’t been for a long time where the alarmist cause is concerned), blustering appeals to authority, affectedly high-minded ridicule and below-the-belt cheap shots are pretty much the only weapons left to you.

My sceptical filmmaking friends Phelim McAleer and Anne McElhinney once made a movie exposing the nonsense of the greenies. It was called Not Evil Just Wrong. In my view this was a misnomer. It should have been called: Wrong – And Totally Bloody Evil Too.

There many reasons why the alarmist establishment – the Climate Industrial Complex as Myron Ebell calls it – is so totally loathsomely evil. If I had to list them all this would be longer than War & Peace.

One is that they’re such hypocrites: if you really cared about the environment in the way these fascistic loons claim they do, then you’d be vigorously opposing renewable energy (such as the bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes defacing our landscape and slicing and dicing our avian fauna) and instead going all out for fossil fuels.

This was a point often made in the Heartland panel discussions – which you can catch up with here .

In the one on Sustainability – Panel 5A – independent scientist Indur Goklany pointed out that without fossil fuels we wouldn’t have the fertilizer we need to make our agricultural land so productive. This in turn would mean we wouldn’t be able to leave nearly so much space free as fallow land, as nature reserves or as wilderness.

You’d think the Greenies would get this fairly basic scientific point – given how much they’re always banging on about “the science” – but they never do because, as I argued in my book Watermelons, their commitment to environmentalism owes much more to quasi-religious ideology, to straightforward greed and to anti-free-market control-freakery than it does to a genuine love of nature.

Then there’s the hatred. Pretty much everyone speaking at the Heartland Institute will have suffered personally for speaking out against the Great Global Warming Scare. Willie Soon‘s travails are typical. It’s why only the brave – or the elderly, who have nothing to lose – who speak out.

The same applies, of course, to all the other professions which dare to confront the climate “consensus”. I wrote in my book, for example, about how popular British TV presenters David Bellamy and Johnny Ball both effectively had their careers destroyed when they took the “wrong side” on global warming.

Journalists get it in the neck too, of course.

Let me close by treating you to some examples of the kind of hate I got recently simply for pointing out that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef isn’t actually being wiped out by man-made global warming. Sure, it has experienced some serious bleaching in some parts – probably the result of the recent El Nino – but not nearly on the scale that has been claimed by politically- and financially-motivated climate alarmists. And it will recover, just like reefs always do and have done for millennia, sometimes in warming far more extreme than anything we have experienced today.

Here’s how the Guardian responded.

The best bit are the comments. It gives you a flavour of what we climate sceptics have to put up with all the time from the eco loons, purely for telling the truth.

Enjoy! Happy Earth Hour!

Delingpole is clearly a stooge for the oil industry but his denial of the Great Barrier Reef’s damage over the last two Australian summers is lowdown and dispicable even for him.

The guy is actually , properly mentally unwell and should quite clearly be sectioned before he becomes a danger to himself and others. I mean what other explanation is there for peddling a belief so comprehensively wrong.

Isn’t James Delingpole in fact an algorithm, probably Kremlin-designed, randomly trying to create environmental disinformation?

Boycott America until they smarten up. It’s the only thing they understand!

Like Katie Hopkins, Delingpole is a one-note hack who has to knock out 1000 words in time for a deadline day after day, week after week. It’s how he stays afloat, and it’s much easier to crank out instant yah-boo-sucks pieces like this one than devote any serious thought to anything. He’s not worth wasting time on.

Adolf Hitler always said that when lying to tell the most outrageous ones possible because they are far more likely to be believed.

Fake news eh,Delingpole or whatever?Well come up to QLD central where I live and I will take you out in the boat to have a look.
Careful of the tiger sharks they have been pretty cranky lately.I think they are hungry.

That snivelling little toady? A waste of a bullet.

“Enemy of the people, James Delingpole, lies again ” would be a good headline for most articles that include him.
An article titled “The lies of James Deilingpole” would be a useful in depth review of the genre of denials of fact and a fairly cost effective way to produce a full size article on the subject.

Who actually reads this brightfart or whatever its called?

How much funding comes the way of these jokers from the fossil fuel industry? Or is that a fake question?

James Delingpole is another extreme far right brainless dingbat who should be ignored by sane people everywhere.

This is unbearable. How did such complete morons come to have such power and influence?

Why do the police force and the government spend so much money stalking and intimidating environmental activists who are just fighting a bloody hard fight to defend the earth we ALL depend on from arse-scum like this guy?

Line ’em up and blow their fucking peanut brains out of their heads, they don’t use them anyway. Why are we allowing this sub moronic scum to promote this flat earth bullshit because it’ll get us all killed, and quite possibly within ten years?

Gosh. Was it something I wrote?



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