Woman Tracks Down Stranger Who Saved Son from Choking at Subway Restaurant

Mary Graham/Handout
Mary Graham/Handout

A woman has tracked down the man who saved her son from choking in a Chicago-area Subway restaurant, then took off before she could thank him.

Mary Graham was eating dinner with her children at Subway when her two-year-old son Noah started choking on a Doritos chip, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“He started to turn blue,” Graham told WGN. “He did one big gasp for air then he stopped breathing and it looked like he was going to pass out.”

It was at that moment when good Samaritan Patrick Kissane, a customer of the restaurant, came to the boy’s rescue.

Kissane took the boy out of the stroller, patted him on the back, and pressed his belly until the boy coughed up the Doritos.

Graham took her son to the bathroom to clean the vomit off his clothes, but when she returned to thank Kissane, he had disappeared.

Graham wanted to properly thank him and pay his dry cleaning expenses for the clothes on which Noah vomited, so she reached out to Chicago’s CBS affiliate to tell her story and see if she could track down the mysterious good Samaritan.

When the station aired her story, Kissane’s best friend called the station, and the station put Graham in touch with Kissane.

He would not accept any money from her, but he did accept a Subway gift card and a picture of Noah with a message saying, “I smile on, because you care. Thank you for being my guardian angel.”

“If I’m ever feeling down, I can take a look at that and it’ll definitely bring me right back up,” Kissane said of the picture and the message.

Kissane told CBS Chicago that he has no formal training in first aid or CPR, but he did pick up a few things from his father, who is a physical therapist.


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