Donald Trump: ‘We’re Very Happy with’ Republican Budget Agreement

donald trump

President Donald Trump indicated that he would sign the Republican Budget agreement with Democrats, despite growing dissent from his base that Congressional Republicans caved on important priorities.

“We’re very happy with it,” Trump said in an interview with Bloomberg News, pointing to the $1.5 billion for border security. “And I think it’s important that we keep moving along. I think both sides are happy.”

After an agreement was reached, Democrats crowed that they were able to save funding for Planned Parenthood and block funding for the wall, despite Trump’s campaign promises.

“In a defeat for President Trump,” House Minority Nancy Pelosi wrote in a letter to Democrats, adding that the agreement “does not fund the immoral and unwise border wall or create a cruel new deportation force.”

Trump admitted there were not any dramatic cuts, and that it still funded Planned Parenthood in the agreement, but seemed optimistic that he could fight those battles in the future.

“This is all coming due again in September, October, and we’re going to have another round of discussions,” he said.

Trump blamed Democrats for being “obstructionists” in the process, indicating he was not looking for a government shutdown showdown in the first months of his presidency.

“Look, the Democrats are obstructionists; that’s all they can do is obstruct. They have no leadership. And we have to agree, and I think both — both sides agree, we have to keep government going, we don’t want to shut government,” he said.


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