Poll: Majority of Voters Do Not Want Chelsea Clinton to Seek Political Office

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton is not getting much support to run for office from American voters, according to a new poll.

Only 27 percent of registered voters say they would support Clinton if she ran for political office, while 48 percent said they would rather not see her run, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll.

The remaining quarter of voters said they had no opinion or were unsure.

Along party lines, Clinton, 37, did not have a lot of support from her own party, with only 48 percent of Democrats saying they would support her in a future run for office. An overwhelming 74 percent of Republicans said they would oppose her candidacy.

Clinton performed poorly in the polls among independents as well, with only 20 percent of independents supporting her and 48 percent opposing her.

Younger voters, women, and Democrats were more likely to support a possible Clinton run, while men, Republicans, and older voters were more likely not to support a potential Clinton candidacy.

Clinton’s popularity is split, with 39 percent saying she is viewed favorably while 38 percent say she is not viewed in a favorable light.

Clinton has stoked a lot of speculation about her entrance into the political arena, with many in Democratic circles saying she should run for a House or Senate seat. Clinton has denied that this speculation is true while leaving the door open for a future run.

“I really am constantly surprised by the stories of me running for, fill in the blank—Congress, Senate, City Council, the presidency,” Clinton told Variety in an interview. “I really find this all rather hysterical, because I’ve been asked this question a lot throughout my life, and the answer has never changed.”

“I clearly do not support the president and certainly hope that he is defeated in the next election, but I don’t think I’m the best person for that job,” she added.


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