Transgender Private Manning Gets Out of Jail, Progressives Cheer


Former Private Bradley Manning used his get-out-of-jail-card from former President Barack Obama today and promptly rewarded his progressive supporters by presenting himself as a transformed female Chelsea Manning, complete with a coyly opened shirt.

Private Manning earned his 35-year sentence by spilling a huge storehouse of 700,000 Army and military documents in 2010 to the public Wikileaks website. The jury convicted Manning on 21 counts, including six counts of violating the Espionage Act.


FILE - In this June 5, 2013, file photo Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning, then-Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, is escorted out of a courthouse in Fort Meade, Md., after the third day of his court martial. Advocates of Manning, imprisoned for sending classified information to an anti-secrecy website, presented to the Army's chief Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016, more than 115,000 petition signatures protesting new charges she faces related to her recent suicide attempt. Activist groups including Demand Progress presented the petitions to Secretary of the Army Eric Fanning's office on 28-year-old Chelsea Manning's behalf. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

But Manning quickly became a hero of American progressives and left-wingers by declaring that he is, in fact, a “transgender” woman named Chelsea, and so his sentence was shortened to just seven years by Obama, who was then serving as the Commander-in-Chief prior to his January 20 departure.

Despite his conviction, Manning is still in the military, so he remains on active duty and will receive taxpayer-funded medical care until his various legal appeals are wrapped up.

Manning’s self-transformation from humdrum maleness into his partially female appearance was praised by progressives who are now using the “transgender”  claim to attack another basic civic rule in American society — that men and women, boys and girls, are equal but also different and complementary.

Progressives are attacking that social practice by declaring that there’s no connection between a person’s biological sex and their sense of femininity or masculinity, which they describe as “gender.” Once the ideas of “gender” exists, progressives begin arguing that “gender” is as important as biology’s sexual differences, and also that people have the right to choose whatever “gender” they prefer.

Next, progressives began arguing that because only a tiny minority of Americans call themselves “transgender,” the government should rewrite the nation’s civic rules to ensure this “transgender” minority of less than 1 percent is not oppressed by the vast majority of normal heterosexual men and women, boys and girls.

To minimize oppression, say leftwingers, the government should use anti-discrimination laws to force ordinary Americans — plus their myriad civic groups, charities, and companies — to say that “transgender” people are members of the opposite sex, and therefore Bradley Manning is a real female she, no matter how much his bones, organs, and genes show that he is a male he.

There is no such thing as “gender” or “transgender.” There are only males and females who are either close or far from the social ideal of masculine or feminine appearance and attitudes. Tomboys are still girls, lesbians remain female, emotionally fraught boys are still boys, and gay men are men.

The progressive push to bend Americans’ attitudes and their civic society around the idea of “gender” has already attacked and cracked popular social rules for how Americans handle the many charming differences between complementary men and women — the rules governing single-sex bathrooms and shelters for battered womensports leagues for girls, hiking groups for boysK-12 curricula and university speech codes, religious freedomsfree speech, the social status of women, parents’ rights in childrearing, practices to help teenagers, women’s expectations of beauty, culture and civic society, scientific researchprison safetycivic ceremonies, school rules, men’s sense of masculinity, law enforcement, and children’s sexual privacy.

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