Donald Trump Outlines Infrastructure Plan: ‘It’s Time to Rebuild Our Country’

Trump Ohio infrastructure 6-7-2017 AP PhotoJacquelyn Martin
AP/Jacquelyn Martin

President Donald Trump announced his trillion dollar infrastructure plan, speaking to workers in Ohio on Wednesday.

“It’s time to rebuild our country — to bring back our jobs, to restore our dreams, and yes, it’s time finally to put America first,” Trump said.

Trump delivered his speech at the Rivertowne Marina with the Ohio River in the background. He made a bi-partisan plea to Congress, urging them to pass funding for the project.

“I’m calling on all Democrats and Republicans to join together if that’s possible, in the great rebuilding of America,” he said.

He reminded the audience that the United States was spending money all around the world while it’s own infrastructure was falling apart.

The president welcomed union workers and leaders to the event, promising to use American workers and American products for infrastructure renovation.

“As long as I am president, America’s labor leaders will always find an open door at the White House,” he said, promising to use “American labor, American energy, American iron, aluminum, and steel.”

The president spoke about all that he had done to create jobs, including his decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement.

“We will never have outside forces tell us what to do and how to do it, believe me,” he said, calling it a “huge anchor on our country.”

Trump cited the history of the Panama Canal, the Transcontinental railroad, the interstate system, and the Internet as examples of what he wanted to accomplish.

“The American people deserve the best infrastructure anywhere in the world,” he said.

Trump mentioned his meetings with foreign leaders during his first trip overseas.

“I sent a clear message that America expects fair trade, a level playing field, and so many other things that we’re demanding for our workers and for our companies,” he said.


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