VIDEO: Good Samaritan Pushes Knife-Wielding Attacker Through Bus Windshield to Protect Mother and Child


A good Samaritan pushed a knife-wielding attacker through the windshield of a moving bus to protect a mother and her child, according to video of the incident.

Daron Clay, 21, confronted the attacker on a public bus in Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday after an unknown man hopped on the bus and started an argument with the driver over a transfer, the Daily Mail reported.

“I seen him pull the knife out of his pocket, I was just like I have to fight for my life,” Clay told KSHB.

Clay, who was worried the man would attack the mother and child, pushed the knife-wielding man to the front of the bus.

The driver made a sudden stop and slammed on the brakes, propelling the two men towards the bus’s windshield and causing the knife attacker’s head to break through the windshield.

The attacker stabbed Clay in the torso during the fight, but Clay is expected to recover.

The knife-wielding man ran off the bus at the next stop.

Despite the stab wound, Clay said he does not regret getting involved in the situation.

“If seems like it’s getting out hand just back off. Some things you can’t yourself out of, but just make sure you be safe about it. You never know what can happen,” he said.


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