VIDEO: Delta Passengers Forced to Stay in Their Seats While Water Drips on Them for the Entire Flight

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Passengers were forced to stay in their seats as water dripped onto them from the ceiling on a Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Fort Myers, Florida Friday morning, according to a video of the incident.

Flight attendants allegedly did not take action in the incident until the flight made its final descent, when they stuffed napkins into the crevices of the ceiling as a temporary fix, the Daily Mail reported.

The video shows a passenger using two magazines to shield himself from the water dripping from the ceiling.

The passenger, Tom McCullough, tried to remain in good spirits and joked that “the plane was peeing on him.”

“Look at your shorts! You’re soaked!” his wife says while the camera turns to show McCullough’s shorts soaked in water.

“How much was your ticket, hon’?” McCullough’s wife asked later on.

“These tickets were $1,800,” McCullough answered.

“Eighteen hundred dollar tickets. Lovely, that’s just lovely,” she replied.

McCullough’s son, Tommy, tweeted the video of his father to Delta Friday with the caption:

“Hey @Delta, be glad my father is such a good sport about sitting in water for a whole flight. Water falling from ceiling onto passengers.”

Tommy told NBC New York that about half a dozen people were soaked by the end of the flight from the water dripping from the ceiling.

“They eventually realized how stupid the situation was and just stuffed napkins into the ceiling,” he said. “It eventually stopped but I mean, we were basically in Fort Myers at that point.”

The company Twitter account eventually responded with a tweet saying, “That is not OK,” asking Tommy for the flight confirmation number so the airline could “get this taken care of and escalated.”

Tommy said Delta offered the family a $100 travel voucher- $1,700 less than what they paid for a ticket.


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