Ann Coulter Enthused: Stephen Miller Ate Legacy Media’s Lunch

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Conservative pundit and best-selling author Ann Coulter giddily praised President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Stephen Miller for eating the legacy media’s lunch and exposing the incurious, unknowledgeable, and vapid legacy media writers who pose as “objective” reporters on immigration issues.

On Wednesday, Miller, in a heated exchange with legacy media reporters who only parrot hackneyed talking points on immigration they are fed from pro-amnesty legislators and interests, like those associated with the technology industry, asked the New York Times‘ Glenn Thrush how he would feel if the Times displaced its workers with cheaper and less talented foreigners like technology companies are doing with H-1B visas.

He called out CNN’s Jim Acosta for representing the “cosmopolitan” point of view on immigration and falsely assuming that only immigrants from Australia and Great Britain can speak English. Miller exposed Acosta as a clueless reporter on immigration who believes the Statute of Liberty determines U.S. immigration policy.

Reporter April Ryan had to concede that Miller was indeed right about how the unemployment rate for black Americans has been historically higher than that of whites. Miller said reducing illegal immigration and massive low-skilled immigration would help black Americans, Hispanics, U.S-born workers, and legal Americans already here.

Miller cited studies from Harvard scholar and economist Jorge Borgas. He mentioned U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner Peter Kirsanow, who has urged black leaders to take the immigration issue seriously because of the impact U.S. immigration policy has been having on black youth employment. He referred to Steve Camarota at the Center for Immigration Studies. The poseurs in the legacy media probably had never heard of those names unless they have been reading Breitbart News over the years.

Before he beat then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) in a 2014 primary in an upset for the ages because of the power of the illegal immigration issue, Dave Brat said that amnesty for illegal immigrants was the issue that represented the greatest divide between Wall Street and Main Street. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin warned that the comprehensive amnesty bill that Miller said could only pass “in the dark of night” would “devastate” working-class Americans.

The bottom line is this–most of the legacy media reporters–many of whom live in high rises or in exclusive zip codes that serve as virtual walls–have grown up around the same people, went to the same schools, and hang out with the same types of people. And thus they are oblivious to the concerns of everyday Americans who did not go to fancy-schmancy schools like Stanford or exclusive journalism schools where they are taught to artfully craft fake news and advance left-wing narratives while pretending to be “objective.”

A journalist whose husband drives a garbage truck recently discussed the legacy media’s severe class problem.

Legacy media reporters also do not understand that Democrats want an endless flow of immigrants for votes and and household “help” while establishment Republicans who love to lose elections so long as they get to be the media’s useful idiots or get consulting fees want an endless supply cheap labor. For years, these same dunces said the only way Republicans could win a general election in a “browning” America was to pass amnesty legislation.

Then Trump won the White House in 2016 and did better among people of color than Mitt Romney in 2012.

Miller turned in a near flawless performance. The only thing that was missing from his press conference was a reference to the late Barbara Jordan. And while those like MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, the dunce and conniving hack, complained that Miller’s press conference was “unprofessional” because he did not seek the affirmation from legacy media writers who love patting Wallace on the head when she slams conservatives, Miller’s press conference did the public a huge service by exposing how vacuous the country’s legacy media reporters are.


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