Police: Man Drives Arkansas Highway with Casket on His Roof, Leads Cops on Chase

Police: Man Drives Down Arkansas Highway with Casket on His Roof, Leads Cops on Chase
Dianna Sutliff Cooper/Facebook/screenshots

An Arkansas man led police on a high-speed chase down Interstate 30 in Little Rock Wednesday evening with a casket on the roof of his Hummer.

KATV reports that police spotted a Hummer with a casket on top around 5:30 p.m. parked on the side of I-30.

Patrol officers pulled over to make sure everything was alright with the driver when the Hummer fled the scene, leading police on a chase, according to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

Dianna Sutliff Cooper, a fellow motorist on I-30 when the chase occurred, said she witnessed the Hummer speed past her as police chased down the vehicle.

“I was on my way home from work when this guy came up behind me in a Hummer with blue lights flashing behind him,” Cooper said. “Then I noticed a coffin on top and wondered what was going on.”

Police arrested Kevin Cholousky, 39, on charges of reckless driving, fleeing a vehicle, and fictitious tags. He is being held in the Pulaski County Jail.

KTHV reports that Cholousky had a gun in his possession when police arrested him.

Authorities told Fox News that they were not sure why there was a casket on the roof of the vehicle but confirmed that nobody was inside.


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